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TH - Sakurai Haruhi by Bunny-Hana TH - Sakurai Haruhi by Bunny-Hana


Name: Sakurai, Haruhi

Nicknames: Haru

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 15

Grade: First

Dormitory: Sakuramachi 

Club: Music


- Rock, grunge bands from the 90s 

- Her guitars

- Her alone time

- Late night gaming online

- Playing Mario kart with her dad 

- Her parents 

- Death metal screaming

- Playing heavy rock with her guitars 


- Seeing people getting bullied

- Most pop music

- People who ask her to many personal things

- Really bitter foods

- The ocean

- Swimming 


  Haruhi is very apathetic about most things and keeps to herself. Not a lot surprises her and nothing really seems to shock her either. Doesn't mean she doesn't straight up doesn't care or is made of stone, it just takes a lot to make her react. This can push a lot of people away thing she doesn't care for them or she's just shy when she isn't. Once she does make bonds and friendships with people is when she opens and shows shes a giant music nerd. She is also very caring and normally sticks up for those who needs her help and is willing to defend them. But, she is one to throw punches if needed and isn't scared to break some noses.

 When it comes to school she puts all her effort into it and always makes sure to get her things in on time. She does her best to show the teachers she cares about school and everything that comes with it. Once she puts her mind to something, she doesn't give up and is a very hard working girl. She can be a little stubborn with help, thing she can do things herself.


 Haruhi was born to two young, hard-working people who always taught her always kept her head up through life, never give up. As a young child, she was very shy and never really opened up to the other children. She was more close to her parents who always tried there best to be there for her but tried to help her make friends. 

 As she enter elementary she still was the kid who stayed in the back and never made any strong friendships with the other kids, always happier alone. This is when she started to really get into music and started with the piano. She poured her heart and soul into it, always making sure to pay attention during her lessons. She started to notice though that when she did try and play with others they wouldn't stay around for long and would always leave her by herself. 

 Once she hit middle school that's when she started to get into heavier music and soon got her own guitar, wanted to grow up to be like all the rock legends she came to love. She also shut off the rest of the world, not caring much for the other children. She would never go out of her way to make friends.  She was too focus on her own dreams to hang out with others. Though, rumors spread since she was 'weird' and she was more shut off then she ever was. Even if she tried her best to not focus on it, she hand a rough time getting through. At this point, her parents were worried that she would always be alone and worried that she was becoming depressed even though she always said she was fine, so I both looked hard for the right school for her hoping her luck would change.

  Now a teen, her parents have sent her to Tachikawa High hoping this is went she opens up from her shell and tries to make friends. Haruhi however, really doesn't care and feels whatever happens, happens. She is hoping to maybe making a friend or two but, isn't giving her hopes up.

Additional Info:

- She is ambidextrous

- She has a small collection of guitars, two left-handed and three right-handed 

- She names her guitars, her favorite being named Alice.

- Can play the Piano, Guitar, and the Drums a little.

- Has a very bad fear of the ocean and swimming 

- Has a small Pomeranian named Tomata and has a teddy bear hair cut 

Quotes: "Whatever, bro."



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